The average price of House Removal in the UK in 2023

“How much does a removal company cost?” is THE MOST REGULARLY ASKED QUESTION from customers when determining the cost of house removal and how to move their possessions to their new home.

The cost of hiring a moving firm for a three-bedroom house starts at about £500 for a lightly furnished home if you pack and move yourself up to 25 miles, or starts at about £800 if you want the moving company to handle the packing. Based on relocations in London.

The cost of hiring a removal company will vary for each move and depends on a number of criteria, which are detailed in more detail below.

Here are some typical removal costs for removal company or man and van in London to get you started and give you an estimated figure:

Typical estimated cost of removal companies:

Here are some examples of possible moving prices, excluding extra services like disassembling and reassembling and based on a simple move scenario. To find out what else you might need to allow, learn more about how the cost of removals is determined below.

• Removal cost  for 2 bedroom house.

From £300 or from £500 with packing service 

• Removal cost for 3 bedroom house

From £500 or from £900 with packing service 

• Removal cost from 4 bedroom house

From £1200 or from £1500 with packing service

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Consider moving on yourself. You should carefully consider the benefits and cons before making a decision.


For every move, a removal company’s fees are different.

The total cost of removal services or man and van London is always determined by a wide range of factors that are relevant to the customer and their particular requirements, not just the size of your home or the distance you are relocating. For this reason, we always advise to book an in-home moving consultation to receive a customised, free, and no obligation quote.

Each customer, each move, and each removal company are different.

How are moving expenses determined?

There are 3 elements to calculate the Removal man and van Cost.

  • Loading, Packing
  • Travelling distance
  • Package Unloading

The price will depend on how long each part takes, how many removalists are required, what materials are used, and what size vehicle is required.

Some factors would affect the cost

Costs for moving companies are typically determined by a number of things, such as:

  • Volume: The total volume of your items to be moved, typically measured in cubic feet. This is crucial because it determines the following: a) the size of vehicle needed for your relocation; b) the amount of time a crew will need to pack, wrap, and load your goods; and c) the amount of packing supplies needed for your move.
  • Access: The accessibility of your properties, both at your origin and destination (for instance, how near a moving truck can park to your front door, whether there are any low bridges or narrow lanes to access your property, etc.). This is crucial because it establishes the maximum vehicle size that can be used and whether a shuttle vehicle will be needed to deliver cargo if access is limited.
  • Distance: Distance Between your origin and your destination property, which is crucial because it affects the cost of transportation
  • Additional Services: the parts of the service you choose, such as complete or partial packing, handyman services, short-term storage, or item disassembly
  • Special Care objects: Any special care objects that may need a little extra protection, such as boxes for valuable artwork or grandfather clocks, or additional wrapping for very sentimental goods.
  • Special handling: Items that require special handling include anything that could need to be removed through a window, anything that is overweight and needs a crane or other specialised lifting equipment, etc.
  • Moving Day: The cost of your move will depend on the day you relocate. For instance, relocating on the first or final day of the month will cost extra due to the high volume of business experienced by moving companies on these two days.

Depending on the quality of service each moving company offers, moving charges will also differ. When compared to removal companies that are members of organisations like the British Association of Removers, smaller Man and Van-style businesses can be expected to cost less.

What could raise the price of moving houses?

The following are a few situations that could increase the expense of your move:

  • Bad access. It will take longer, require more people, and/or demand smaller trucks to complete the relocation, which would raise the cost. Examples of such situations include tiny driveways, high rise apartments without lifts, and tight interior staircases.
  • Packed with special care. Don’t be tempted to cut corners to save money here; replacing items that need extra protection will end up costing you more in the long run. There will be additional charges for materials and the time taken to complete packing or crating if you have numerous fragile/valuable items that require special care.
  • Add-on services. Most moving firms will perform any necessary dismantling or reassembling, such as reconnecting washing machines, as part of your relocation for a modest additional fee.
  • Storage facilities. If you can’t move into your new house right away, a moving company will typically offer secure storage so that your belongings are kept safe while you wait.
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