How should my home be set up to sell?

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If you’re trying to sell, you’ve probably heard about the significance of staging from others.

How should my home be set up to sell?

In case you’ve been wondering “how can I sell my house quickly,” Our best staging advice at Man and Van London can be of assistance!

1. The first thing that prospective customers will notice

The outside of your property is equally as important as the inside when it comes to staging, and since it will be the first thing potential buyers see, it may even be more crucial because first impressions do matter.

You want to make sure that your house is the best since selling a house is competitive and there will almost certainly be other residences that your viewers are interested in as well.

There are numerous approaches to improve kerb appeal:

Cleaning the driveway:

Take some time to remove the leaves from the ground, especially in the fall when there are a lot of them. If at all possible, pressure wash the ground to ensure it isn’t slippery. This can easily turn off potential buyers, and until you pressure wash your driveway to make it appear much cleaner and more appealing, you frequently won’t realize how much dust and dirt has accumulated there.

Repair the front door:

Before they’ve had a chance to see the inside of your house, purchasers can rapidly get disinterested in your property due to worn-out, dented, or otherwise unsightly front doors.

Some homeowners will replace the front door, but painting the door can make a big difference, so you don’t have to if it’s out of your price range. Choosing a bright color will help your home stand out and help viewers remember it better. Some of the most well-liked colors are:

  • Matte black
  • Matte grey
  • Navy
  • Lilac
  • Mustard yellow
  • Post-box red

Move bin bags:

Even though everyone agrees that dustbins are a must, placing one near to your front entrance can turn off potential buyers because the bins tend to smell, especially in the summer. To ensure that they are not the first thing your visitors see when they come, place them as far back as possible in the house, or closer to your boundary if this isn’t an option.

2. Repair any damage

The majority of homes have minor damage here and there that, although they aren’t significant enough to lower your property’s worth or raise red flags, might nonetheless turn off potential buyers.

If you take the effort to address things like dirty carpets or cracked tiles, your house will look much better to potential buyers. Additionally, it motivates them to make an offer because homes with problems like these can turn off buyers.

Numerous minor marks around your home may only be cosmetic, but they could appear much worse to a prospective buyer who would use any issue as an excuse to back out of making an offer.

To boost the possibility that your viewers will make offers, it’s advisable to fix them prior to any viewings! Seek for items such as:

  • Minor wall cracks
  • Broken tiles in the kitchen or bathrooms
  • Screw-induced holes in the walls
  • Indentations in the walls
  • Worn or discolored carpets

3. Spend some time to decluttering

While there is nothing wrong with the fact that most homes look to be quite lived in, it can be hard for viewers to picture themselves living there. Taking some time to tidy your home will help, as this is especially important to rather cluttered homes. While it may seem like a huge chore, it will be much easier if you do it room by room. Establish rules for yourself, and if you know that you find it difficult to part ways with particular things, ask a family member or strict friend for assistance.

Another advantage of decluttering is that it will make packing easier when you sell because you won’t have as much stuff to go through! To speed up the process and reduce the stress of packing before moving, some people would even combine the decluttering and packing processes.

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4. Should you keep your Curtains open?

When you have viewers, this incredibly simple task greatly improves your house!

Let as much natural light in as you can by pulling back all the curtains. Any buyer will want your property to look larger, brighter, and cleaner. Letting in lots of light will make the space appear much more welcome, even on cloudy days. Buyers will typically be turned off by closed curtains and dark rooms since they want to see how much natural light the house receives, and open curtains make any room appear larger than closed ones.

Try to have your windows cleaned as well. By doing this, you’ll let the most light into your home and keep any visible marks out of the way for visitors while they tour around. However you can clean your own windows, but hiring a professional window cleaner is considerably easier and most towns have local window cleaners that can do this for you for a fair price.

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