We are among the top storage and moving businesses in London. We have successfully handled over 700 house removals in London over the past year, ranging from modest studio apartments to enormous Nash palaces. Along with school and office removals, we also specialise in complex business relocations and business storage services. Notable clients that we have on our books include the Salvation Army and Lufthansa German Airlines.

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Van Size Guides

We have a range of vehicles, from Panel & Luton Vans up to HGV trucks

Removal vans come in a wide variety of sizes and kinds. You can ask your moving firm for further information about the cars they own. Nonetheless, removal van sizes are conventional.

In the UK, MWB vans are often used for removals. This is because to its affordable rental cost, convenient loading platform, and tall roof. The van’s smaller size contributes to its appeal as well.

Whether transporting one person or two, MWB vans are the best option. They are ideal for a one-bedroom flat or an empty studio. Depending on how many boxes you have, you might be able to fit a bed, a small sofa, or appliances like a fridge or freezer. Depending on how big the boxes are, it can hold between thirty and forty.

This vehicle can typically hold between 280 and 380 cubic feet of cargo. See if your possessions will fit in a medium-sized shed to see if they will fit in this tiny car.

These vehicles, which are also known as Jumbo Transits or Jumbo Sprinters, are perfect for apartments with one or two bedrooms. Large objects such as appliances, electronics, furniture, and folding beds can be transported in LWB vehicles. Depending on their size and contents, you may store up to 30 boxes beside these.

This vehicle can typically hold between 380 and 530 cubic feet of cargo. Check to see if your possessions would fit in a single garage to see if they will fit in this van.

This vehicle is also somewhat well-known as a 3.5 Tonne Luton Van. Approximately 550 cubic feet is their loading capacity, which is slightly more than that of LWB vans. Because luton vans have a tail lift, they are frequently the better option.

They are easy to move through because they are narrow, which is useful when moving in London. It’s easy to pack boxes because the wheel arches don’t obstruct the storage area.

For a small home or flat with two bedrooms and up to forty-five boxes, a Luton van is perfect. It can accommodate large couches, two double beds, a wardrobe, a table, and a pair of stackable chairs.

With the exception of size, this car is the same as the 3.5 Tonne Luton Van.

It can hold 40–50 boxes and is perfect for homes with three bedrooms. Up to 4 beds, 3 couches, 2 dining tables and chairs, 3–4 closets, and the majority of kitchen appliances can all fit inside.

880–650 cubic feet is the approximate loading capacity.

The 7.5 Tonne Luton Van could not be big enough if you’re relocating from a home with four to five bedrooms and a lot of furnishings.

The 7.5 Tonne Luton Van can be the largest vehicle that your removals business offers, even though they may have a larger car or trailer.

Hiring a second car could be the best option, depending on how far away you’re moving.

As an alternative, if you’re not going very far, you may make multiple journeys, but you would need to let the removal business know ahead of time.

At NO1 Removals, we have a range of vehicles, from Panel & Luton Vans up to HGV trucks.