House Clearance

We offer clearance services for any kind of household item, including beds, mattresses, and toys.

Furniture Disposal

All kinds of furniture are available for collection within the home; some are donated to charitable organisations or the Dumb.

Green Waste

You can remove any kind of greenery from the garden, including grasses, trees, and leaves, by putting it in bags.

Building waste

Plaster, debris, bricks, stones, metal frames and components, wood, tiles, and other materials can all be disposed .

Office Clearance

We accept all office equipment; we will remove your stuff in a Van after clearing out any computers, printers, office furniture, and other equipment. We could also help you in donating or moving your unwanted office equipment to a charity.

Garage Clearance

The majority of unwanted objects can be found in your garage, which is why we are here to expand its capacity. Determine what has to be cleared; if you can snap a picture of the undesired object, it will aid in providing you with the most accurate quotation. 

House Clearance

We clear everything from your home, including unwanted furniture. If you need your entire home cleared out or need to donate your unwanted goods to a charity, NO1 Removals team has the professionals to do it.