Instructions for labelling boxes for a house move

Labelling boxes for moving house. NO1 Removas, Man and Van

Labelling boxes

If you’re moving, one of the most crucial things you can do is label all of your boxes. However, a shocking number of individuals either fail to perform it correctly or completely neglect to do it. Here is our guide to properly marking your boxes if you are beginning to consider packing.


During the relocation, effective labelling keeps you and your moving company (if you’re employing one) organised. Labels, for instance, can assist with:

  • Quickly find individual objects as you unpack.
  • Determine which boxes go in which room
  • Point out fragile boxes
  • Take note of which boxes need to be loaded last or first.

Take some time to consider how you will unpack your belongings at your new house and what your plan of action is. What are some ways that you can assist yourself in making this process simpler by providing more information on your labels?

Labelling Moving Boxes: How to Do It

Regarding the labels, what should I write next?

The following are some suggestions for marking your boxes:

  • The destination room is where you should dump boxes so that you don’t have to move around too much again.
  • Contents: an overview in brief. particularly if it is a mixed box that contains a variety of goods. (for example, place mats, cutlery, and a small appliance instead of all “china,” which may be categorised as a single class of items).
  • Special Instructions: Mark breakable boxes (we like to sketch an image of a glass), which way the box should be kept if it’s significant, and whether a box is very heavy (it may need to be lifted by two persons or additional caution is needed to prevent damage or mishap).
  • Name (optional)
    It’s always a good idea to write your name on the label if you’re not relocating straight to your new house in case your package gets lost.

Creating a list of inventory

If you like to be particularly organised, you can create an inventory of the items you’ve packed. Whilst this is not completely necessary for a move, many people find lists help them feel less stressed and more in control.

Number your boxes and make a list of the specific contents, this is especially useful if you have several boxes of the same sort of thing, i.e. clothes or books. This will help you locate the item you need quickly. If you are already doing this for insurance purposes, then remember to create a copy with the numbers on too.

Labelling boxes for moving house. NO1 Removas, Man and Van
Labelling boxes for moving house. NO1 Removas, Man and Van


Choose a moving company that provides expert packing services if you think the strain of labelling and packing will be too much for you. Before your move, at NO1 Removals, a skilled team will pack everything for you and properly mark it so that it all goes in the appropriate spot when it gets to your new house.

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