How much do removal companies charge for storage?

Do storage expenses matter? Are you relocating, but you can’t fit everything in your new place at once? Perhaps you’re renting while repairs are being done at the new house, or perhaps the house of your dreams hasn’t materialised in time for your sale to be completed. If this describes you, you should definitely include storage in your upcoming move.
Understanding removal company fees is essential if you’re considering storing with NO1 Removal Company.

When you need storage as part of a house relocation, NO1 Removal Company’s facilities are an excellent solution.
For an average furnished home, the cost for a three-bedroom house from NO1 removal company is approximately £48 per week.
The most crucial thing to realise is that expenses could change with every relocation.

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The reasons for choosing NO1 removal company over other options while moving


It can be planned as a component of your door-to-door relocation, saving you the trouble of dealing with multiple companies—rather than separate delivery and pickup services on top of setting up your own storage facility.


NO1 Removals will load your stuff directly into a storage container at your house, transport it to your new home, and then unload it. This saves handling your stuff twice as opposed to loading and unloading them at a facility and then loading and unloading them again! This lowers the possibility of injury.


We are also provide packing services, so you can save time by having someone else do the labor-intensive tasks while your belongings are safely stored.


NO1 Removals provides rolling for each week agreements, you can schedule storing as often as you need it without paying to lengthy periods of storage in case your plans change.

How does NO1 removals storage operate?

Basically, when you use NO1 removals company, they picks up your belongings, loads them into their truck, transports them back to their storage location, and then transports them to your house when you’re all set. A list of your items will be provided to you in case you need to remember what has been kept or find a particular item in case you require access.

  • Pre-Move Assessment
  • Quote and Reservation
  • Packaging (if chosen)
  • Gathering and bringing back to the warehouse
  • A list of your items
  • Transport

What’s the price range for storage in the United Kingdom?

The price of home storage with NO1 removals may differ significantly based on the area, but for instance, in the capital of England, the following are some estimated charges you could anticipate to pay:

  • Storage for a one-bedroom home starts at £20 per week.
  • Costs of storing a two-bedroom home start at £30 per week.
  • Storage for a three-bedroom home starts at £50 per week.
  • Storage for a four-bedroom house starts at £60 a week.
how much is charge for storage
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What elements impact the cost?

  1. Size required
  2. How long
  3. If packing included
  4. Dismantling/Re-assembly

Why certain Removal Companies more expensive than others?

A part from the main considerations (size, duration, etc.) that impact storage expenses, there are several other elements that could add to the higher cost, such as;

The location
Depending on where the storage facility is located, storage costs may change. For instance, since real estate in London is pricey, businesses that provide storage in the city would raise their prices to clients in order to cover their expenses.

In the majority of fields, prices often rise in accordance with rising demand. While storage expenses in the removals sector don’t usually change with the seasons, some of the related charges for moving into and out of stores could. The cost of pickup and delivery may be more during busy times, like as the summer, than during slower times of the year.

Why are some removal companies costs cheaper?

The quantity of space provided in a removal company is known as capacity. If operators have plenty of capacity, they may offer lower prices to fill space since, generally speaking, they want to maintain their storage areas full to offset their expenses.

Quality / Safety
NO1 removals make investments in their storage facilities to make sure they are secure and durable. Some of these include installing security systems to monitor the sites and controlling access in a secure manner. These provide you the security that your possessions are safe, but they come at extra expense, which the business will have to cover, which makes them more costly than alternatives that don’t provide the same level of comfort.

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