Who should be notified when moving?

Everyone who has ever relocated understands how crucial it is to update your address. Your bills and mail must be delivered to the correct address, and you may be required by law to inform some government agencies of any changes. You might not realise it, but altering your address is crucial for your financial well-being as well.
Make sure to update your address right away if you’ve just moved. It can prevent you from breaking the law, safeguard your identity, and make sure you receive all of the necessary paperwork. Additionally, it might make it simpler to create a bank account and apply for credit.

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One of the most crucial administrative duties to complete during a moving/relocation is to keep in mind who has to be informed of your new address when you move.

Do you know who to notify while moving?  No1 Removals London created a check list for you to make sure you don’t forget to include anyone significant.
There is so much to organise and alter when moving house so it is essential to have a list of who to inform. If someone forgets, problems may arise. Ensuring those important people, like work or school, know how to contact you in an emergency, also to making sure that your mail is not wrongly addressed so you would not miss bill payments. Whatever it is, you don’t want to leave anyone in the dark by failing to let them know about your move.

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What need to be on the moving checklist?

A detailed list of everyone who might need to be informed that you are moving should be included on the checklist. You should write down notes and check if you’ve been in touch with them.

  • Utility companies
  • Important Organisations
  • Bsiness and Finance
  • Insurance companies
  • Shopping, Leisure
  • Friends and Family


Keeping Your Identity Safe

People who fail to promptly update their address with their creditors are a favourite target for identity fraudsters. They can then open accounts in your name, access your personal information, and accept deliveries of goods you’ve financed. In order to make sure your address has been updated and no new accounts have been opened without your knowledge, you should get a free copy of your credit report every year from all of the three major credit agencies. Talk to us  if you need help.

A Back-up Plan in Case You Forget

Fortunately, you may not need to record a change of address even if you are not very diligent about updating your information. Most of your creditors will be notified when you change your address at the post office and pay for a service called mail redirection, they will update your account and send the new information to the credit bureaus automatically. A secured credit card has the advantage of reporting to the 3 major credit agencies, unlike prepaid cards, so your change of address will be updated.

Make sure to inform the Home Office if you are an immigrant!

It is crucial that you let the Home Office know if your home address changes. The Home Office will often write to you if they have vital information to share with you if you have an application that is pending or have any type of immigration permission to remain in the UK. As a result, you risk missing critical correspondence that may have required you to act by a certain deadline if the Home Office does not have your most recent address.

As a result, failing to update your address could prevent you from receiving correspondence from the Home Office, which could have serious repercussions like revoking your permission to remain in the UK or withdrawing your application for asylum.

You may use the Home Office’s online service which can found at here.

When you move, it might be challenging to keep your address updated. It is time consuming at a moment when we have many other priorities. If you think anything missed and would like to mention it or you need help with your move,  just contact No1 Removals London on: info@no1removals.co.uk.

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