Transporting Heavy, Fragile Items

Transporting Heavy, Fragile items with Care Using Liftgate Vans

NO1 Removals handle special removals transporting heavy, fragile or bulky items like safes, grand pianos, aquariums and fragile artwork. While intimidating, these valuable items can be securely transported to your new home by leveraging liftgate vans and trucks purpose-built for gentle, damage-free transport.

What Are Liftgate Vans and Trucks?

Liftgate vans and trucks are specialty removal vehicles outfitted with an electric-powered lift on the rear capable of gently raising and lowering heavy, awkward or fragile items. This integrated crane-like setup allows the removal assistant to securely load your heavy possessions into the van bed without manual lifting, tipping or manipulation.

The key advantage liftgate vans provide over standard removal trucks is minimizing manual handling to prevent scratches, drops or tumbles. The powered lift does all maneuvering seamlessly from ground to van floor for gentle transit. Your possessions stay securely strapped onto specialty trolleys inside the van minimizing shifts and shakes during transport.

Specialty Equipment for Transporting Heavy, Fragile Goods.

In addition to the integrated electric liftgate itself, NO1 Removals. as a reputable man and van removal company equip their vans and trucks with plenty more specialty gear for careful handling including:

  • Straps, ropes and blankets to keep awkward or fragile items stationary
  • Packing blankets, foam blocks and air cushions keeping valuables immobilized
  • Anti-slip ramps for smooth entry and exit of wheeled items like pianos
  • Various trolleys for tall, heavy goods resistant to tipping or rolling

Combined with an experienced removal assistant’s care when loading, driving and unloading, liftgate vans provide robust protective measures for even the most sensitive possessions. Transporting precious items becomes much less nerve-wracking when sturdy safety equipment and handling techniques minimize turbulence and disruption inside the van.

Minimizing Stress Moving Valuable Goods to Your New Home

Rather than crossing your fingers and hoping movers are cautious enough with your prized pianos, artwork and other fragile valuables, secure peace of mind using NO1 Removals man and van liftgate services purpose-built for gentle care. Allow specialty vans and equipment to simplify and secure the moving process while you focus on the hundreds of other relocation tasks requiring your attention.

If you require moving services able to securely transport heavy, awkward or fragile items to your new London area home, ensure to inquire with NO1 Removals, man and van about availability of liftgate vans, associated specialty equipment and trained assistants. Investing in appropriate lifting gear and handling removes so much stress during an already chaotic moving day.

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