Our Liftgate Trucks

A number of different types of equipment and commodities can be transported effectively with the help of NO1 Removals‘ liftgate truck. Many clients value their time, and we at NO1 Removals are aware of this. For this reason, we provide a liftgate truck service that not only reduces the time it takes to load and unload your items but also ensures the productivity and security of all of our employees.

When using a liftgate service for your removals, the experts at NO1Removals significantly reduce the energy required to load and unload equipment, freeing up more time for our enthusiastic workers to spend with you, the customer. We take great satisfaction in offering the appropriate kind of service to ensure that your Move and transit are top-notch experiences.

Liftgate Truck Services Available Nationwide

We offer liftgate shipping services, along with NO1 Removals truck through our countrywide network of logistics experts. Every major city in the UK is serviced by NO1 Removals, and we can transfer freight via liftgate truck to even the most isolated areas, such as construction sites, without a conveniently constructed loading dock. We can deliver to inner-city locations, such as neighbourhoods of homes, restaurants, and hotels, as a national Removals company. Our logistics specialists can plan liftgate removals to meet your delivery deadlines. To ensure that your transportation doesn’t slow you down, they can provide accelerated moving options.

Moving home using a NO1 removals’ liftgate truck provides you with trucks fitted with hydraulic equipment that enables move to lift using a platform attached to the rear of the truck. Move home using our liftgate Van is an all-inclusive moving package that covers the planning, loading, and unloading of goods, including roadside sites around the United Kingdom.

Typical Uses for liftgate truck

  • Furniture suchas Piano
  • Residential Move
  •  Heavy Restaurant Equipment
  •  Pallet Jack Freight
  •  Very heavy Equipment
  •  Homebuilding Materials
  •  Construction Equipment

How to move home with our liftgate truck

A liftgate truck can be used to transport heavy machinery on pallets. Usually, gates are securely stored beneath the truck or folded up against the back of it. A NO1 Removals driver will lower the ground and unfold the equipment to create a lifting platform. Without the need for loading dock space or specialised equipment on-site, the platform can raise and drop as needed to move items from ground level to truck bed level and vice versa. This is made possible using hydraulics. Speak with one of our staff to request a move using NO1 Removals’ liftgate truck and ensure liftgate delivery shipping to the location of your choice.

Moving house can be an incredibly stressful and challenging experience. Packing up all your belongings, loading furniture and boxes into a truck, transporting them across town, then unloading everything into your new home is physically demanding and messy work. But it doesn’t have to be with the help of a lifting track system.

A lifting track, also called a vacuum lifting system, is a clever device that allows you to seamlessly hoist and transport heavy furniture, appliances, and other awkward items with minimal effort. It can turn a formerly backbreaking move into an almost effortless operation.

There are many excellent benefits to using a lifting track for moving house:

  • Eliminates heavy lifting injuries and strain.
  • Safer transportation of bulky, awkward items like dressers, wardrobes, sofas, appliances, pianos, glass tables, etc.
  • Reduced risk of falls, muscle strains, and damage to items or property.
  • Faster loading/unloading.
  • Move items directly from interior rooms into the truck..
NO1 Removals, Liftgate Truck Services Available Nationwide


A liftgate track is a hydraulic platform attached to the moving truck. It facilitates loading and unloading heavy items, such as furniture or appliances.

Not always. It depends on the size and weight of your belongings. Discuss this with your moving company.

Yes, but proper securing and padding are crucial to prevent damage during transport.

Liftgate capacities vary, but they can typically handle several hundred kilograms.

It may impact the cost slightly, but the convenience and safety benefits often outweigh the expense.

Absolutely. Discuss your requirements with the NO1 Removals moving company beforehand.

Yes, follow guidelines provided by the NO1 Removals moving company. Avoid overloading and ensure proper balance.

Sorry we do not offer standalone liftgate services.

A liftgate track can be especially useful in tight spaces or locations with restricted access.

Properly pack and label items. Inform the us about any fragile or heavy pieces.

Communicate promptly with the NO1 Removals moving company. We’ll address any concerns or difficulties.

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